DNS Checker

What is this website?
You can use this website to check if your nameservers are configured correctly.
How do I use this website?
Enter your domain in the box above and press the ‘Check DNS’ button.
What do the results mean?
If the majority of the results come back without an error shown in yellow, your dns settings are configured correctly.
What do I do if there’s multiple errors?
If the majority of the results come back with an error, please contact our Support Team and we will help you resolve the problem.
Server Result TTL
Austria 1
Austria 2
Switzerland 1
Switzerland 2
Switzerland 3
China 1
China 2
Czech Republic 1
Czech Republic 2
Germany 1
Germany 2
Germany 3
Denmark 1
Denmark 2
Russia 1
Russia 2
Russia 3
United States 1
United States 2